The average Drag Racing Vehicle spends hours, days, weeks, or even months in waiting for a few precious seconds on the track.  With less than 1% of its life spent actually doing what it was built to do, and 99% of its life waiting, the right insurance coverage is critical for your enjoyment.

Myths and Truth About Insuring Your Dragster or Drag Car:

1. It's covered by my homeowners when in my garage or on my property. Sorry, this is not true.
2. It's covered by my trailer policy when hauling or at the track. Sorry, this is not true.
3. It's covered by the RV or auto insurance policy that tows my trailer. Sorry, wrong again.
4. It's too expensive. AGIA has covered vehicles for as low as $8.00 per $1000 of value per year.*
5. It's difficult to find motorsports insurance. AGIA will design a plan specifically for you and your race car.
6. It's going to take too much time. AGIA can cover your car within 24 hours given the proper information and payment.
7. I won't get what its worth if its totaled or stolen. AGIA's plans are based on "Agreed Upon" values rather than actual cash values.

For Example: If your race car would cost you $40,000 to replace, 40 x 8 = $320 per year in premiums... Important: Your actual premium may vary due to other circumstances, get a quotation from us to see our custom proposal for your race car.


AGIA Motorsports Plan Features:

  • Plans provide off-track coverage physical damage coverage; no liability
  • Physical damage coverage in storage, in transit, in staging lanes, etc.
  • Agreed value – once insured at this value there is no market depreciation factor
  • Schedule multiple race vehicles, also allows classic and/or antiques, and trailers on the same policy
  • Multi-vehicle discounts if scheduled together
  • Split deductibles for Collision and Other than Collision (Comprehensive)
  • Higher deductibles available to keep premiums down
  • $2000 of Spare parts per vehicle included, higher limits available
  • Towing included
  • Trip interruption $600 included
  • $750 for pet coverage
  • Automatic up to $50,000 physical damage coverage for new purchases for 30 days

So now the excuses are out of the way and the truth is out. Why wouldn't you protect your investment for 99% of its lifetime? Don't let the unexpected end your racing for the season or even your career. Before you haul to the track, get the right insurance in place. We can custom tailor your policy to fit your budget. We may even be able to offset the cost completely through a comprehensive review of your other insurance needs, including but not limited to business, home, auto, life, recreational vehicle, or other. We strive to be your one stop shop so you spend less time on paperwork and more time at the track.

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